Web development (week 14)

Changelog details

## [1.5.11] - 2021-04-11

### Added
- Add plot shortcut with kind to align with matplotlib.
- Add plot function to the base property charts to switch chart families.
- Add slider javascript functions.
- Add hamburger Icon.
- Add hamburger Panel.
- New slider max and min component for range.
- Introduce Charts google options module.
- Create a palette internal module to manage color changes for charts.

### Changed
- Change records name to record in all charts.
- Change slider style.
- Remove label from core switch component.
- Set code from texts as readonly.
- Full revamping of C3 and Billboard options management.

### Fixed
- Fix data transformation for scatter charts (with distinct agg)
- Fix color definition for charts. Always rely on theme.charts list.
- FIx bug when using page.imports.google_products(['charts']) without google packages.
- Fix the way slider ranges are handled.
- Improve way columns and data are defaulted for charts interfaces.

## [1.5.10] - 2021-04-07

### Added
- Add ek shortcut for Page and events.

### Changed

### Fixed
- Fix chartsJs tooltips.
- Fix chartsJs Scatter

## [1.5.9] - 2021-04-05

### Added
- Add input number styles.
- Add fields.number interface.
- Add XMLHttpRequest timeout.
- Add data apexCharts shortcut for events.
- Add new input data in data_urls (owid repo)
- Add trigger shortcut to dom property.
- Add Poller components.
- Add CSS calc for width.
- Add more and filter button.
- Add Github standard text reference component.
- New Apex Gauge component.

### Changed
- Change button live style.
- Change Rich, Vignets and number interfaces.
- Change data default values for Sparkline interfaces.
- Add nowrap style to list of links.
- Include the color reference for the standard color names in charts.
- Fix toMoney formatter for ApexCharts (to be done for other charts).

### Fixed
- Link builder function.
- Extensible search class width.
- List tag position.
- Fix jqueryui dependency with popperjs.
- Handle not checked state for radio.
- Height for the chart.
- Update ApexChart package version.