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Epyk: HTML/JS Development in Python


The target of Epyk is to ensure the implementation of a coherent system using a minimum of layers. With Epyk the user stays in the Python layer to drive and optimize the data transformation. This Framework also encourages the implementation of Micro services and cloud based architecture.

This package will allow you to easily create rich and interactive web interfaces to your projects.

No JavaScript, CSS or HTML5 knowledge needed, the platform will provide you the best experience thanks to the community.



Epyk is compatible with the most common Web Python Frameworks (Flask and Django). By default, the server package embeds a Flask app as it is easier to install and ready to use.

The Framework can be included within a Jupyter or JupyterLab project. But this will lead to some limitations - for example Ajax and Socket will not be available.

Community & Support

Epyk is an OpenSource module dedicated to provide functions and components to improve the productivity. Do not hesitate to participate in improving the library.

Any help are welcome and this can be done by JavaScript developers interesting to learn Python or by Python developers.

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You can find examples of what Epyk can do right here:

Also get online demo from the Epyk Gallery


Coming Soon

Please see below the 2021 road map of notifications on Twitter:

  • W13: Dashboards [+ details]
  • W14: Web sites, UX / UI Development [+ details]
  • W15: Epyk for Data Science [+ details]
  • W16: Epyk and Backend Servers (Fast API) [+ details]
  • W17: Epyk documentation I [+ details]
  • W18: Epyk documentation II [+ details]
  • W19: Epyk & Jupyter [+ details]
  • W20: Gallery and Demos [+ details]
  • W21: Gallery and Demos [+ details]
  • W22: Charts and Maps
  • W23: Map and Geo (leaflet and JQV Maps)
  • W24: Chart review (Introduction of Vega Lite))
  • W25: Chart bug fixes and alignment
  • Chart Shared API - Axis
  • Chart Shared API - Events
  • Icons framework - Implementation & Documentation
  • Pyks Modules - Generation of simple and bespoke extensions for Epyk
  • Epyk - External Libraries for Layouts & components (Bootstrap, Materials, ToastUI...)
  • Epyk with web framework (Vue, Angular or React)

Do not hesitate to follow us on Twitter or to help us improving our code by sending pull requests on Github !