Data Science (week 14)

Changelog details

## [1.5.13] - 2021-04-18

### Added
- DatePicker component option.
- String primitive functions padStart, padEnd...
- Component
- interface cob entry point.
- New components class in the base HTML class.

### Changed
- Button colored padding.
- SelectPicker dom content value.
- Tabulator wrapper Documentation.
- Some improvements in the documentation formatting.
- Align interface builder attributes.

### Fixed
- Bug fix datePicker JavaScript Options.
- Tabulator tree management.
- Fix shortcut bar components management
- Fix icon CSS color management.

## [1.5.12] - 2021-04-16

### Added
- Add gradient_text function to CSS properties.
- Add rotate function to CSS properties.
- Add margins shortcut for template configs.
- Add width parameter for the powered by component.
- Add dark mode to color themes.
- Introduce position to div
- Add options for navigation points.

### Changed
- Add the template attribute for the body component to the __init__.
- Change the parameters for div and introduce the position to align with row.
- Change some icons component styles.

### Fixed
- Change color for hover on button icons.
- Add the start event for the countdown component.
- Consider the template of the body for navigation components (side panels)
- Bug fix for the texts.button component.
- Fix options for Images and Carousels.
- Fix html_code issue for content tables in text components.