Bugs & ToDo

For the ones interested in participating there is a list of improvements to be done to the framework. Those bugs are all defined in the code and they are either known bugs or extensions which need to be added.


Global CSS

  • Extend the .globals in GrpCls.py property to update more than the font and few properties.

  • Improve custom_class in GrpCls.py to propagate the important attribute

  • Improve way colors are defined for Charts in Theme.py.


  • Create a dedicated data core package with the input data definition for the components.

  • Full revamping of the module PyMarkdown.py.


Obviously some work is still needed to fully wrap all the external packages. There are some but do not hesitate to add more issues there: https://github.com/epykure/epyk-ui/issues, we will try to tackle them)



  • Fix the column initial selections for custom aggregators.


  • Fix display tooltips in Jupyter

  • Add event and tooltip style