Jupyter (week 18)

Changelog details

## [1.5.17] - 2021-05-09

### Added

- from_plot() to the image and animated image components to load from a plot object.
- from_base64() to load
- add from_plots to carousel, tiny slider
- Add tiny slider pre defined styles.
- Add output path option to the transpile CLI.
- Add 3 new Charting libraries.
- Add inline() css shortcut for display = inline-block
- Add page.apps.jupyter to get information related to the Jupyter instance (new web/jupyter.py module).

### Changed

- Add stacktrace in transpile error.
- Change tranpile and add -o for destination folder.
- Some improvements on a few CSS style.

### Fixed

- Fix style for tiny slider.
- Bug fixes for Billboard and C3.
- Fix input range field style.
- Fix height definition in the Code component.
- Fix Imports module to work with Jupyter.
- Bug fixes in the Jquery wrapper.