Jupyter (week 21)

Quite a lot of changes to integrate PivotTable, JqVMaps and other Charting libraries to Jupyter. Also some bug fixes to the components like SkillBars, Slider…

Also some extra features dedicated to Jupyter: - page.apps.jupyter to perform some action to the notebook. - The use of external JavaScript pages. - Change the juputer outs with an extra parameter.

Changelog details

### Added - Options to display matplotlib figures. - Add bugs and todo section in the doc. - Add skillbar options. - Add skillbar javascript events. - Add headers argument to js.post and js.get. - Add progressbar add js function. - Add outs options for Jupyter. - first version of the page.apps.juputer extension.

### Changed - Change text builder filter. - Jupyter HTML template for cells. - Extend div operator for contentFormatters. - Update DC charts. - Add list to Python Markdown module.

### Fixed - Bug fixes for NVD3, C3 and DC in Jupyter. - Fix mathJax display for Jupyter. - Fix use of !IMPORTANT in CSS property setters. - Fix Jqv Map display property. - Bug fix on the use of the get method for options. - Fix pivotTable.

## [1.5.19] - 2021-05-22

### Added - Add gallery for images and icons - Add option for colors to the transpile CLIs. - Add shortcut to change the OVERRIDES method in the CSS Classes module. - Add new pk. method links. - Introduce the async option for builders (for potential promise)

### Changed - Improve documentation. - Input background default color. - Adjust skins background position. - Remove the dependency on Jquery UI for Jquery TimePicker. - Change the content of field.number to return a float.

### Fixed - Fix bug on some predefined icons. - Fix effects. - Fix Plotly data processing on Python. - Fix the TimePicker object. - Fix to make web workers available in Jupyter. - Fix data input for Histogram for Plotly.